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Welcome to NorthamONE Tenant Services

One central point of contact gives all Northam tenants easy access to our responsive, reliable and resourceful team of service professionals. If this is your first time accessing this system, please contact us by email or at the number above to create a new profile and login credentials

If this is an emergency, please call:
416-NORTHAM (667-8426)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who answers the telephone when you call NorthamONE?
You will always speak to a live person. There is no automated menu for you to deal with.

2. Why would you contact NorthamONE?
You can contact NorthamONE for any tenant service request. Some examples include: a spill in the lobby, replacing a light bulb, or adjusting the temperature. Remember our service professionals will be happy to assist you with any questions you have in regards to your building.

3. How long before my request will be taken care of?
Your request will be personally responded to within 15 minutes and you will receive an additional notification when the work is completed.

4. What happens if my internet is down and I can't place requests via the web?
NorthamONE tenant service representatives will be happy to help you with your request via telephone 416-NORTHAM (667-8426) or fax at 416-542-9143

5. How do I get a username and password to use the web request system?
Call 416-NorthamONE (667-8426) to find out how. Tenant Services will confirm your contact information and send you an email with your username and password.

6. How do NorthamONE tenant service representatives communicate with building operating staff?
NorthamONE tenant service representatives communicate with building staff through an automated routing software system; also, email, phone or fax.


The files below are provided to assist our valuable tenants in using the NorthamONE Tenant Services website.
Simply click a link to download the corresponding PDF file and follow the instructions.